You are a member of the rescue team and the shipwrecked need your help – learn and pass on your knowledge to them! Last week a camp called “SOS Mission” took place in Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka in cooperation with the Croatian Association of Ship Modeling. The camp participants, 20 elementary school students from Čabar, Prezid, Krk, Rijeka and the surrounding area were in charge of rescuing shipwrecked people, giving them information on how to survive a shipwreck and save themselves.  

The camp was educational, so the students had the opportunity to gain knowledge about the sea and show their resourcefulness through practical activities and learning new skills. The excellent teams Indigo Hammer, Red Nails, White Sickle, Blue Pliers and Purple Soldering Iron proved to be resourceful team players and true masters of desert island survival. As part of the “SOS mission” camp they learned to decipher Morse code and also participated in a micro:bit workshop, a pocket sized computer, where they learned how to use it and all the possibilities it offers. 

They learned how to desalinate and filter water in a situation where drinking water is not available, and how to build a quality shelter where they can find refuge. In accordance with the theme of the camp participants transferred the acquired knowledge to making rafts – which were extremely successful and mostly managed to withstand a load of up to 10 kg without sinking.  

Along with all the new knowledge and skills, we also made sure to have a good time, so one of the great activities was the “ship pancake” baking competition. The camp was extremely useful and fun, the participants showed good cooperation in teamwork, as well as resourcefulness and innovation in solving problems.

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