Pilot project 2 – Digital twin with AI for sustainable and efficient energy management 

CHALLENGE! The objective is to construct a digital twin integrated with artificial intelligence that facilitates sustainable and efficient energy management by bridging the gap between energy producers and consumers. 

HOW? The proposed approach involves linking a simulation model with the actual physical world and leveraging AI to enable real-time energy management. 

WHY? The primary motivation behind this endeavor is to expedite and enhance the decision-making process when it comes to managing energy resources.

FINAL RESULT→ The desired outcome is the development and implementation of a functional digital twin equipped with advanced artificial intelligence capabilities to effectively manage energy consumption in the physical world. 

GOALS FOR INNO2MARE PROJECT: The INNO2MARE project aims to leverage digital twin technology, energy management, and artificial intelligence to promote innovation and sustainable development in the maritime industry. The project seeks to develop and implement digital twin solutions that can facilitate efficient and safe energy management in maritime operations, utilizing AI to optimize energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions. Additionally, the project aims to foster collaboration between stakeholders in the maritime industry to drive the development of new technologies and processes that can enhance the performance and sustainability of maritime operations. By achieving these goals, the INNO2MARE project will enable the maritime industry to meet the challenges of the future while promoting innovation and sustainability. 


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